Academic & Table Tennis Summer Camp

Academic Summer Camp for Kids

Fully Credentialed Teachers Who Understand and Teach Common Core

table tennis summer camp for kids

Coaching Led by International Table Tennis Federation Certified Coaches

Providing Academic Excellence and a Strong Athletic Foundation

My Learning Place OC

Academic 5 Week Curriculum

  • Language Arts & Writing
  • Mathematics
  • Fiction and Non Fiction Reading
  • Vocabulary & Grammar
  • Children will be taught curriculum for the new school year.

Benefits of My Learning Place

Statistics show children not stimulated academically in the summer, lose about 2 months of learning if not more. This is known as the “Summer Slide.”

My Learning Place reverses the slide, helping children increase their academic edge, helping them stay in front of their peers when school begins.

Table Tennis 5 Week Curriculum

  • Fundamentals Forehand and Backhand
  • Beginner Footwork
  • Proficiency in Executing Serves
  • Introduction to Spin
  • Kids will be able to rally back and forth, playing entire games by the end of 5 weeks

Benefits of Table Tennis

“Ping Pong Makes You Smarter, Happier and Relieves Your Stress” – Dr. Daniel Amen, NFL Concussion Consultant

Table tennis works the parts of the brain associated with focus, organization and judgement, among many more soft skills.

Starting on July 10th to August 10, 2017

To Sign Up Call 818-468-9201