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Here is where we choose the type of membership you are looking for. Orange County Table Tennis Academy offers the most affordable table tennis options in the Orange County community. Our commitment to spreading the game of table tennis while also raising the level of play in Southern California, drives our pricing structure. The best way to bring the game to the most people is to make it accessible and affordable for everyone.

So whether your a parent who is thinking about finding a sport for your child to play or your a professional looking for a new hobby, OCTTA is the perfect place for you!

Under 18

Here at Orange County Table Tennis Academy we are a child friendly academy. We welcome all kids to come join the academy. At the end of the day, it is our goal to help foster the next generation of American table tennis players. Saying that, we want to be there for the kids in order to help them grow into the best athletes they can be. We offer different kinds of membership so your kids can enjoy the game much as we do. We have the following options:

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Adult Membership

Here at Orange County Table Tennis Academy we offer different kinds of membership. You can buy one day pass, a monthly membership or a yearly membership. We have the following options:

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Senior – Over 65

The table tennis community has a lot to offer the senior community. Many seniors have been the very people who have trained us in the sport of table tennis. At Orange County Table Tennis Academy we are a senior friendly facility. So don’t worry about age or playing level, the club is one where anyone of any level can play and feel young again! We have the following options:

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