• November 7, 2018

What a hard fought battle this last Saturday 11/03/2018 at OCTTA. Even-though with some adjustment need to be made, Zaman and Edahae, after losing to John TT and Mr. Manh in the Round Robin, had fought bravely through many battles including Coffer/ Lem, and in the fifth 11/9 against a more balanced team of Hoang Pham/ Khanh Le. The match was recorded live and many spectators cheering both team. Another successful Saturday Doubles RR at the OCTTA.

This coming weekend Saturday 11/10/2018 will featuring the return of the Under 2800. Lot of people expecting the potential champion pair of Wendy Nguyen/Rachel Tran to dominate again. However the answer still in the air. As the result of last Under-2800, Tho Nguyen will not be paired up with Le Cliff again due to their higher level than expected.

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