First OCTTA Sanctioned Tournament was a Resounding Success!

  • September 12, 2016

First OCTTA Sanctioned TournamentOn August 16th, OCTTA hosted its first 3-Star USATT tournament and it was a resounding success! We had over 100 entries not to mention food, music, karaoke, pot luck, dancing and a big sale on all equipment and apparel. Overall it was just an action packed day and so much happened that we’re barely finding time to announce now! If you’d like to see photos and videos of the event, visit our facebook.

The results of the tournament are as follows:

Event First Place Second Place Third Place Fourth Place
Under 1750 RR Huy Doan Vidul Parsi
Womens U1550 RR Cat Nguyen Kelley Lam Angelica Arellano Thu B. Tran
Under 1550 RR Val Grigor Huy Doan
Under 1950 RR Thanh Tran Geovanny Salmeron
Under 1350 RR Huy Doan Keenan Zhou
Under 2150 RR Amanda Malek Alireza Hejazi
Under 2375 RR Tung Pham Guo Hui Lu
Open Singles RR Zaman Molla Tung Pham
Under 2800 Doubles RR David Dang / Cat Nguyen Behnam Kazemi / Roberto Cardoso
Under 3200 Doubles RR Khanh Le / David Dang Dung Ngo / Huy Doan
Under 3700 Doubles RR Khanh Duong / Cat Nguyen Thanh Tran / Anh Quoc Duy Nguyen
Under 4200 Doubles RR Quoc Bao Nguyen / Thanh Tran Nghia Nguyen / Anh Quoc Duy Nguyen
Under 4700 Doubles RR Khanh Duong / Quoc Bao Nguyen Justin Nguyen / Tung D. Phan

This tournament was the first to feature the U-1550 RR event exclusively for women in addition to running the doubles tournament that features a round robin before the knockout round. Trying all of this proved to be extremely successful and we are planning to do it again in our next tournament.

That’s right you heard us correctly. There will be another Table Tennis Tournament, October 1 and 2nd!