First Beginner’s Table Tennis Tournament A Resounding Success!

The Beginners Tournament of September turned out to be a major success! Look at all those smiles after! Everybody have so much FUN! Every participant got a medal and gift. Now they all gonna train hard for October Tournament! OCTTA Beginner's Tournament Orange County Table Tennis Academy ran its first beginner's tournament. The beginner's tournament is aimed at the next generation of table ... More

Table Tennis Tournament

December Orange County Table Tennis Tournament On 12/10 & 12/11

"The next Orange County Table Tennis Tournament is 12/10-11/2016, the OCTTA- Pre US-OPEN WARM UP! Even though we only have 3 weeks, there will be many people who missed the last tournament who want to prove themselves! Due to the complaints from last tournament, this time we will advance 2 players and 2 doubles teams in ALL EVENTS! All our changes promise to make this tournament much better with ... More

The Round Robin Tournament held Every Saturday

"Alright my friends and OCTTA members! Its time to move on to another project to improve our club: The Round Robin. We are going to have the Round Robin every Saturday evening! There will be different division if more people are interested.  Everybody is welcome to participate." - Dr. Le
... More


November Orange County Table Tennis Tournament On 11/19 & 11/20

"The new and improved OCTTA Open Tournament on November 19th and 20th 2016 is now live on OmniPong. We paid attention to your feedback and made changes that will allow us to finish early. Here are the changes: Doubles will play first so that players can be released for single events. Higher Rated Events play first in order to release lower rated players for lower rating events Th... More

2nd Orange County Table Tennis Tournament

The Second Orange County Table Tennis Tournament Is Set for October 1st and 2nd!

"Alright table tennis friends and enthusiasts, the last OCTTA tournament was a big success and many people are asking for more so here is the next big sanctioned OCTTA Open on October 1st and 2nd 2016. The prizes money for most events went up and the entry free is still the lowest in Southern California. We expect a larger amount of entries this tournament so please sign up early because this ... More

First OCTTA Sanctioned Tournament

First OCTTA Sanctioned Tournament was a Resounding Success!

On August 16th, OCTTA hosted its first 3-Star USATT tournament and it was a resounding success! We had over 100 entries not to mention food, music, karaoke, pot luck, dancing and a big sale on all equipment and apparel. Overall it was just an action packed day and so much happened that we're barely finding time to announce now! If you'd like to see photos and videos of the event, visit our ... More

Fountain Valley Ping Pong Tournament

The Inaugural Orange County Table Tennis Academy Tournament

The Orange County Table Tennis Academy (OCTTA) is proud to announce our very first 3-star USATT Sanctioned Tournament which will take place on August 20, 2016 and August 21, 2016. Tournament directors will be represented by Dr. Tuan Le and Craig Krum. To bet on any players, sites such as w88 are trustworthy. Tournament Details  This tournament will be the first to run the U-1550 RR Event ... More