The Inaugural Orange County Table Tennis Academy Tournament

  • August 8, 2016

Fountain Valley Ping Pong TournamentThe Orange County Table Tennis Academy (OCTTA) is proud to announce our very first 3-star USATT Sanctioned Tournament which will take place on August 20, 2016 and August 21, 2016. Tournament directors will be represented by Dr. Tuan Le and Craig Krum. To bet on any players, sites such as w88 are trustworthy.

Tournament Details 

This tournament will be the first to run the U-1550 RR Event exclusively for Women. Our Sunday doubles tournament operates under a system that offers a more engaging experience for all players. Normally most table tennis tournamets operate under the single elimination rule. Though this system has been a long tradition, it does not optimize the experience for those players who are not as skilled but want to work on their game. So in order to find a solution the OCTTA team decided to integrate a round robin event before the knockout round. What this means is that instead of players having immediate knockout if they lose, players will play a round robin with 3 – 4 other teams. Please call for more information.

Tournament Staff: 

Mr. Joe Tran, an experienced referee and player, will be acting as the standing referee for this tournament. Our tournament will have all the necessary official tournament equipment including: 20 Butterfly professional tables approved by the ITTF, Nittaku 3-Star balls, and Red Mat Rubberized flooring imported from China.

Player Eligibility: 

All players must be USATT members or purchase a one-time pass for single events. Throughout the entire tournament, all USATT & ITTF regulations, including equipment, conduct, dress code, and discipline will apply.

Tournament Raffle: 

As part of our efforts to promote table tennis we will also be selling $5 raffle tickets for a chance to win 1 Tenergy Rubber of choice, 2 boxes of Butterfly Premium 40+ balls, or a box of Butterfly Premium (40+ Balls).


Register online at or please mail your registration and make checks payable to Orange County Table Tennis Academy at 16035 Brookhurst St Fountain Valley, CA 92708. This will be the OCTTA’s first tournament so we are expecting a lot of excitement and intense competition. Sign up and come play against some of Orange County’s best talent!

Download the Tournament Registration PDF Form


Saturday August 2

8:30 AM         U1550RR (Women’s Only), U1750RR

9:30 AM          U1550RR

11:00 AM        U1100RR, U1950RR

12:30 PM        U1350RR

1:30 PM          U2150RR

3:00 PM          U2375RR

4:30 PM          Open Singles RR

Sunday August 21

8:30 AM          U2800 RR DBLS

10:00 AM        U3200 RR DBLS

11:30 AM        U3700 RR DBLS

1:00 PM          U4200 RR DBLS

2:30 PM          U4700 RR DBLS